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Scientific Team

The SSTI team has over 20 years of working experience in biotech/pharmaceutical industry.  Our research team has broad experience in several therapeutic areas including oncology, metabolic disease, neuroscience and anti-infectives.  Our approach towards stem cell related disease relies on medicinal chemistry-driven drug discovery projects.  These projects were developed using computational and ligand-based compound design, with lead generation and validated using in vitro and in vivo screening models.  Our team has the experience in molecular modeling, rational drug design and cancer biology to progress our programs into the clinical stages.

Darren Orton, PhD

Darren obtained a PhD from the University of Durham (United Kingdom) in synthetic organic chemistry, working on the synthesis and biological properties of the antibiotic Oryzoxymycin and the natural product Vinigrol. He took a position at Albany Molecular Research in medicinal chemistry where he was part of a team that collaborated with Bristol-Myers Squibb to take a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease into the clinic, and he was also responsible for managing other neuroscience and cancer related projects. He moved to Vanderbilt University where he specialized in early lead discovery, high-throughput screening and molecular modeling. For the last five years he has been the Director of Medicinal Chemistry at StemSynergy Therapeutics, and he is responsible for all aspects of research and development. During this time he has led two successful Phase I SBIR projects (Lung and colorectal cancer) and is currently leading a Phase II SBIR grant on colorectal cancer. His accomplishments include being part of the team that progressed BMS708163 (gamma secretase inhibitor) into clinical trials, and as part of StemSynergy Therapeutics, Inc. He is the sole author for the company’s patents.

Scientific Team

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