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StemSynergy Therapeutics, Inc. (SSTI) is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery of small-molecule drugs that target developmental pathways fundamental to cancer and tissue regeneration. The goal of our cancer program is to develop novel therapeutics to treat cancer by targeting cellular processes that are deregulated in cancer stem cells. Our drugs act in combination with standard-of-care agents that target the bulk of the cancer cells, with the overall aim of eliminating the cancer. SSTI is focused on breakthrough technologies in WNT, Sonic Hedgehog (SHH) and Notch signaling. With a multi-pronged scientific approach and a number of agents targeting cancer stem cell pathways, SSTI is well positioned to address critical unmet medical needs.

  • SSTI takes advantage of the interactions between these pivotal developmental signaling pathways to identify novel therapeutic targets.


  • Mechanism of Action – Kinase activation:  Our small molecules act as allosteric activators of Casein Kinase 1 alpha (CK1α).
    1. Wnt Pathway – Cytosolic degradation of β-catenin AND reduction of the levels of Pygopus2 (a Wnt pathway transcription factor).





2. Hedgehog – Cytosolic degradation of the Gli family of proteins.HH-1

3. The Notch program is focused on the disruption of the transcriptional activation complex.

NotchKey Publications relating to the science of SSTI

  1. Thorne, C. A. et al. Small-molecule inhibition of Wnt signaling through activation of casein kinase 1α. Nat. Chem. Biol. 6, 829-836 (2010).
  2. Thorne, C. A. et al. A Biochemical Screen for Identification of Small-Molecule Regulators of the Wnt Pathway Using Xenopus Egg Extracts. J. Biomol. Screen. 16, 995-1006 (2011).

Additional to our focus on cancer therapy, our drugs have the potential to stimulate wound healing, reduce the process of tissue fibrosis which has applications to various scar tissues including burns, surgical scar healing and anti-aging products.

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Targeting the developmental pathways that drive cancer.

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